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Sean Davis has a diverse background in engineering spanning over a decade of experience in mechanical and application engineering. With roles in R&D and Innovation Management, his impressive resume includes successes in engineering leadership at the Director level at Tug Technologies, Douglas Equipment, and Tie Down Engineering.


Protecting fleet and lives with intelligent solutions.

At Davis Safety Systems, our mission is to revolutionize the way equipment operators approach fleet safety. We're committed to developing cutting-edge technology that not only improves safety and efficiency, but also helps protect valuable equipment and save lives.


By leveraging our team's extensive expertise in engineering and industrial sales, we aim to deliver smarter, safer, and more reliable braking solutions to customers across a range of industries.

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Sean Davis developed the SaferStop Automatic Braking System from years of experience working with Ground Support Equipment. His observation of status quo procedures led him to identify the key safety scenarios that operators encounter most frequently.


Learn more about his story and the development of the SaferStop System.

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